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SHY Lifestyle


Luxury Concierge


Visual Design & Design System for Native App

Where the project came from?

SHY Lifestyle, a purveyor of luxury travel and lifestyle management based in London, UK, specialises in crafting personalised concierge services and delivering unforgettable experiences. Our innovation brought the traditional concierge service into the digital realm by creating a native app that empowers customers to easily register and oversee their experiences, eliminating unnecessary wait times.

A Native App for iOS and Android, targeted at high-net-worth individuals, luxury travel enthusiasts, or a more specific group like yacht enthusiasts or restaurant connoisseurs. Designed to enable users to easily register for exclusive memberships, make booking requests, and efficiently manage their activities, whether it involves securing a private yacht or reserving a table.

Crafted to evoke an air of timeless elegance, the video immerses you in the world of SHY Lifestyle. Through meticulously tailored visuals, we unveil expertise in curating experiences within the most refined luxury markets. The muted tones and deliberate pacing cultivate a sense of exclusivity and invite you to linger in the opulence.

app screens.png

Who's the App for?

High-net-worth individuals, who want to secure reservations at the most exclusive restaurants for bespoke travel experiences, the luxury concierge service operates in a world where no request is too lavish.

Key Features

Secure login and account management.


Intuitive search and filtering functionality to find desired experiences (yachts, tables, etc.).


Easy registration for different membership tiers.


Real-time availability checks and booking confirmation & secure payment integration.

UX & Wireframing 

The image below shows a snippet of the wireframes and user flows of the app's structure and functionality, creating clear pathways for users to navigate. Ensuring users move through the app, with each tap and swipe leading to a seamless experience. By prioritizing these elements,we crafted an app that's intuitive, enjoyable and drives engagement, making it bloom in the competitive app landscape of luxury concierges.

Look & Feel

The app's interface should be seamlessly intuitive, reflecting a deep understanding of the client's needs and desires. Navigating through services, reservations, and personalized recommendations should be a fluid and delightful experience. From the moment a user opens the app to the completion of their request, the journey must be marked by simplicity and opulence. This includes sleek, visually appealing design, intuitive gestures, and swift responsiveness, all while maintaining a sense of exclusivity. The attention to detail and personalization must be palpable, leaving users with the feeling of being truly pampered throughout their digital interaction with the luxury concierge service

look & feel.png

Design System

With the expansion of the SHY Lifestyle digital ecosystem, we were faced with the need for a design system that is easy to use, flexible across applications, and houses the brand styles and componentry in a globally consistent way. A cloud-based master component design library was built on the principles and methodologies of atomic design, setup with super-smart colour, typography and effects styles. Allowing the team to change one style and apply changes to the entire library


Of components and variants created. 

An atomic design system built to scale.


Design patterns. 

Smart colour, typography and effects styles were setup for internal teams to use.

Global app

An app that works on all devices iOS and android, in multiple language and users are able to make payment in various currencies.


Pages, flows and prototypes

An extensive template library streamlining design to development workflows.



All things considered, a successful native app with a reusable, scalable component library. A dark, accessible theme that compliments the brand's vision aand closely resembles that of its sister company, SHY Aviation and oozes luxury.


Features on the app include interactive splash screen, log-in and sign up pages, interactive forms, real-time reservation confirmation, secure integrated payment, filtering and searching.

The app has the potential to be an effective tool that helps SHY Lifestyle revolutionise the traditional concierge service bringing it into the digital realm.

result 1.png
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