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Where the project came from?

Upp, the dynamic new start-up in the ISP industry, is the brainchild of a close-knit team of experienced professionals with a grand vision. Their primary mission is to establish a groundbreaking standard in broadband services.​

In the current market, most providers connect their customers to a street box, offering unreliable speeds of "up to" 100Mb under contractual agreements. Upp, however, has revolutionized the game by providing full-fibre broadband directly to homes (also known as FTTP). This technology ensures consistent and ultra-fast speeds of 1Gb, taking internet connectivity to the next level.

Armed with extensive expertise, infrastructure, and robust financial support, Upp has set new benchmarks in the industry. The only missing piece of the puzzle was an appealing brand to connect with their customers effectively.


The main hurdle in this situation was customer inertia. Upp faced the daunting task of entering a market where people had low expectations, especially in underserved areas of the UK. The customers had grown accustomed to unfulfilled promises of high-speed internet and subpar customer service. Despite the increasing significance of broadband in various aspects of people's lives, their actual experiences didn't reflect its true importance.​

Our challenge was to create a brand and customer experience that captured the essence of the founding team's drive, challenged the dominant players in the industry, and, most importantly, overcame customer inertia.

With a combination of speed, agility, and close collaboration with the client, Interbrand successfully established a brand, fostered an internal culture, and designed a customer experience blueprint—all achieved in an impressive four-month timeframe, meeting all investor deadlines along the way.


So, the question we posed was: what stands in complete contrast to those all-too-familiar disruptions that affect our online life and work? The answer became evident: "flow." Flow embodies a dependable, high-speed connection that operates quietly and flawlessly in the background. It ensures that when customers require assistance, Upp remains dedicated to minimizing downtime and providing personalized service. Within Upp's internal culture, flow translates to teams working seamlessly, efficiently, and harmoniously together.

This valuable customer insight became Upp's purpose: to eliminate all obstacles and interruptions, enabling effortless connected living. The path Upp will take to achieve this goal is by ensuring that every aspect of the experience embodies the concept of "flow."

The name had to embody the optimism and ambition of the founding team while also serving as a catalyst to overcome customer inertia. It had to evoke speed without resorting to typical industry clichés. Above all, it needed to communicate our commitment to elevating the broadband standard. Thus, we christened the brand as "Upp."

Every aspect of Upp's identity was thoughtfully designed with a strategic purpose, leaving no room for unnecessary elements. We crafted a system that could be easily embraced by a small yet ambitious team. A captivating color palette, typography, and tone of voice were carefully chosen to captivate attention. Our animations were delicately balanced to convey the essence of flow, subtly and beautifully. After all, when your broadband flows seamlessly, everything else follows suit.

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