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Visual Design for Website & 

Co-Branding Websites.

Where the project came from?

In pursuit of its vision to become "the world's foremost client quotation and private flight booking platform," SHY Aviation embarked on a transformative journey. Their brokers and users previously relied on various messaging apps to manage quotes and bookings. Tasked with engineering a platform that would metamorphose their manual business model into a fully automated and seamlessly integrated system. This ambitious undertaking involved the migration of numerous functionalities from multiple third-party systems to SHY's proprietary database and platform, liberating their brokers to focus on delivering the service excellence and personalised experiences demanded by their discerning clientele.


SHY Aviation aspired to defy industry conventions with a groundbreaking website that set them apart from the clichéd landscape of private aviation sites. We took up the challenge of redefining industry norms, crafting a sophisticated and innovative visual identity for SHY that not only outshone competitors but also harmonised with the intricate complexity of the platform we meticulously conceived and constructed.

MacBook #01.png

Interviewing, Wireframes & User Flows.

Extensive research and interviews served as the foundation for the development of SHY's initial set of personas and user journeys. From these insights, we meticulously designed, wireframed, and meticulously crafted the entire booking process, including a versatile payment gateway supporting multiple currencies.


This comprehensive approach also encompassed the creation of member's account functionality, briefing documents, crucial quotes, as well as the essential brochure-ware and site content, all tailored to deliver a seamless and engaging user experience.


Look & Feel

To fully immerse myself in luxury aviation, I ventured beyond the confines of aviation alone. I meticulously examined the aesthetics and ambience of various 'luxury' items, researching esteemed brands such as Tesla, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton.


The primary goal was to uncover commonalities and unique elements that defied conventional design norms, allowing me to understand luxury comprehensively across three influential industries: Automotive, Fashion, and Travel.


We embarked on a journey of meticulous dissection and comprehension of the essence of luxury, drawing inspiration from the aviation industry and the realms of high-end automotive, fashion, and travel.

The purpose of this was to uncover commonalities as well as designs that defied conventional design norms which in time helped to infuse opulence, sophistication, and exclusivity into every aspect of the UI. 


The outcome is a digital experience spanning simply not only a website, but a complex booking system, into dual branding with the likes of Manchester United right into the sister business SHY Lifestyle all of which mirrors the unparalleled luxury of the brand, creating a seamless and visually captivating interface that transcends the ordinary and elevates the user's interaction with the brand to a genuinely luxurious level.

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 15.20.19.png
Customised video background - Owning the Sky

The inspiration for the video playing in the background emerged from discussions about how to transform the design from a static website into an immersive experience. Centred around the concept of "owning the sky," it sparked the notion of creating a sensation as if one were already soaring through the heavens aboard their private jet.

This vision transcended beyond the hero section, expanding into a continuous video experience throughout the entire site—an endeavour that pushed the boundaries of my design expertise. Although we encountered challenges during development, including issues related to video compression and maintaining optimal quality, down to the fine-tuning of the sky's colour. Initially, the sky was rendered in a subdued grey to seamlessly blend into the background without distracting users. However, in response to the client's request, we brightened the sky and added subtle touches of blue to enhance the overall aesthetic. Additionally, we slowed down the video, achieving these refinements through meticulous work in After Effects.

Foundation Elements

During the website design process, our foremost priorities were brand consistency and accessibility. I highlighted a potential challenge posed by the prominent use of gold, one of the two brand colours, especially for users with visual impairments.


Determined to ensure that SHY's brand would be accessible to all users, as intended. To achieve this, I employed a blind colour simulator and an accessibility contrast checker. These tools helped us confirm that our design would accommodate a diverse audience. Crafting and assigning colours for different website components while adhering to our brand palette required meticulous attention to detail.


In parallel, selecting the right typography presented its own set of challenges, necessitating consideration of how fonts are rendered on various devices. After facing accessibility issues with our initial font choice, we decided to switch to 'Lato,' a font that not only aligned with our aesthetic preferences but also ensured improved legibility and consistent rendering across different platforms.


These strategic measures collectively underscore our unwavering commitment to delivering a website that is visually captivating and inclusive for all users.

Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 13.52.19 1.png
Creating a reusable library with scalable components.

Creating and maintaining a scalable component library was a crucial undertaking for SHY Aviation. This library acts as the foundational blueprint for crafting a consistent and visually appealing user experience across SHY Aviation's digital platforms. By creating a repository of reusable components – be it navigation elements, booking forms, or interactive widgets – the UI design process becomes streamlined and harmonised.

Consistency is the keystone here, as it ensures that SHY Aviation's digital presence exudes professionalism and reliability. A scalable component library enables designers and developers to align their efforts seamlessly, fostering a cohesive and polished look and feel throughout the UI. As SHY Aviation evolves and expands, this library adapts to meet new requirements, thus enabling the UI to grow organically while retaining its signature visual identity. In essence, the meticulous creation and maintenance of a scalable component library are integral to SHY Aviation's commitment to delivering a world-class user experience to its discerning clientele.


This innovative approach not only defies conventional design norms but also presents a formidable challenge to industry competitors. It results in a tailored, seamless experience for users that is not only efficient but also a pleasure to engage with.

The solution, which involves the establishment of the Shy content database, has empowered SHY the ability to provide its clients with tailor-made and accurate information about the aircraft available, all presented in a standardised format. This capability enables them to consistently deliver an industry-leading service to each of their clients on every occasion. This content seamlessly integrates into each client quote, which can be conveniently accessed through their preferred mode of communication. Clients can then interact with their quotes to confirm bookings.

The overall solution both UI & UX not only defies conventional design norms but also stands as a formidable challenge to competitors in the industry. It culminates in a personalised, frictionless experience for users that is not only efficient but also a delight to engage with.

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